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Port Augusta Eulogy Project

For many years my wife, Gayle Mather, has assisted Aboriginal families, suffering the loss of a family member, with the preparation of a Eulogy card.

These cards will often contain little gems of personal history as well as links to wider family members, and as such become historical documents that preserve the memory of former generations.

All of the cards that Gayle has created over the years have been stored on her computer in electronic format, but when we came to look for one it was realised that the program which was used to create the card no longer exists.

So, although we have it we can't view it.

As a result of this, I decided to make copies of any cards I could find so they would be preserved.

Initially I thought to preserve those of the Aboriginal Community but on reflection decided that electrons don't take up much room, so the project is open to anyone.

If you would like to include a eulogy in the collection please email me at the address below.

In preserving these cards I have used the PDF format which I hope will last for a long time, should this format be in danger of disappearing I trust someone will convert this collection to a more modern format.

I also hope this will not be neccessary until after my own card is part of the collection.

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